Five tips to master a programming language.

Five tips to master a programming language.


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Programming is never easy, the hardest part of programming is learning the language, we face so many difficulties while learning that we begin to wonder if "programming" was truly meant for us, most of us even quit and go for the next best thing, which could be music or starting a business (just kidding). We all doubt ourselves at some point in time which is normal, I could bet a million dollars (if I had that ๐ŸŒš) that 7/10 developers think about giving up every time but never do it, why? because it makes no sense, why would anyone give up when they've come this far? and so they keep pushing until they get to the top. So, here are some tips to help you get better at programming.

The top five tips to mastering any programming language:

  1. Start from the basics
    As obvious as this sounds, some programmers never start from the basics they prefer diving into source codes and learning the hard way which can sometimes be problematic.
  2. Practice the basics
    That's right, just learning the basics is not enough for a programming language, you have to put what you learned to practice, It doesn't matter how little it is you learnt, practising keeps it stuck in your head.
  3. Build stuff
    This is where practising comes in, by building apps or websites you learn how to apply that knowledge you've gained. This is you taking practising a step further by working on real applications. A good idea would be applying for internships.
  4. Partake in coding challenges
    This step could not be emphasized more than it already is, taking code challenges improves the way you think as a programmer, solving little algorithms on platforms like CodeWars or Hackerrank improve your problem solving skills.
  5. Master the art of Googling
    How is Googling an art you say? well, not everyone knows how to look for a solution to their problem with the relevant keywords, It's a skill that has to be learned, being a programmer means you'll spend more than half the time Googling why your code doesn't work the way it should. A good programmer knows how to Google stuff.